Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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Subgenus Protomacleaya Theobald

1907: 149, 253 (as genus). Type species: Culex trisereatus Say


Important References:
Sourcouf and Gonzalez Rincones 1912: 277 (as Promacleaya: emend.)
Schick 1970a: 1 (keys, Terrens Group)
Schick 1970b: 13 (keys, Terrens Group)
Zavortink 1972: 10 (tax.: resurrected from syn. with Finlaya with designation of all species to be included)
Reinert 2000f (to subg. of genus Ochlerotatus)
Reinert et al. 2009 (as 'Ochlerotatus' ('Protomacleaya') sensu auctorum)
Wilkerson et al. 2015 (to syn. of subg. Ochlerotatus of genus Aedes)
Wilkerson 2015? (to subg. of genus Aedes)