Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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Subgenus Patmarksia Reinert, Harbach and Kitching

2006: 81 (as genus). Type species: Patmarksia papuensis (Taylor) (as Leucomyia australiensis var. papuensis)


Important References:
King and Hoogstraal 1946 (Papuensis Group/Subgroup of Finlaya)
Lee et al. 1982: 96 (tax., bion., key; as Papuensis Subgroup; Australasia)
Reinert et al. 2008 (phyl., class.)
Reinert 2008 (F gen.*)
Reinert et al. 2009 (phyl., class.)
Wilkerson et al. 2015 (phyl., class.; to subg. of genus Aedes)

From Harbach's Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory: Species of Patmarksia are apparently confined to forests. The immature stages develop in phytotelm habitats such as fallen leaves, bracts, palm fronds and coconut husks, tree holes, log holes, cut bamboo and cup fungi. They are also found in small puddles, ruts, borrow pits, rock pools in stream beds, crevasses in rocks and artificial containers, e.g. metal cans, drum heads and flower bowls. Adults are rarely encountered and females, with the exception of Pa. palmarum and Pa. papuensis, which have been captured biting during the day in forest, are not known to attack humans.