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janconnae Wilkerson and Sallum

2009: 823-850 (M*,P*,L*, Morphology, Morphometric analysis).
Type-loc: Boa Vista municipality, Roraima, Brazil (FH)

Additional References:
Lehr et al. 2005: 908-917 (DNA sequences, phylogenetics).


Póvoa et al. (2006) observed that Anopheles janconnae (= An. albitarsis E) was the most abundant species collected in Boa Vista, RR. In this region this species is anthropophilic with peak biting activity usually occurring before midnight.

Medical Importance:
Anopheles janconnae is an important malaria vector at least in the savannah biome around Boa Vista, RR. Specimens of An. janconnae were found infected with P. falciparum, P. vivax VK 210, P. vivax VK247 and P. malariae (Póvoa et al. 2006).