Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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ludlowae (Theobald)

1903a:42 (F*; Myzomyia; as ludlowii ; emend. by Stone 1956:333).
Type-loc: Luzon, Philippines (BM)

Additional References:
Urbino 1936:267 (E*).
Baisas 1936b:216 (P*).
Bonne-Wepster and Swellengrebel 1953:404 (M*, F*, L*).
Hara 1959:111 (F*).
Cagampang-Ramos and Darsie 1970:4 (F*, L*; keys).


China, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Timor

Larvae are found in clear shaded or open fresh water streams and rivers. Slow moving and stagnant water is preferred. Adults are anthropophagus (King in Boyd 1949).

Medical Importance:
Primary malaria vector (King in Boyd 1949).