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campestris Reid

1962: 15 (M*,F*,P,L,E)
Type-loc: Rantau Panjang, Klang, Selangor, Malaya (BM)

Additional References:
Harrison and Scanlon 1975: 89 (M*,F*,P*,L*)
Harrison and Klein 1975: 10 (distr.)
Rattanarithikul et al. 2006: 1-128 (F*,L*; bionomics, distribution, keys)
Taai and Harbach 2015: 258 (M, F, P, L; bion., gen.)

Cambodia, China, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Deep-water habitats with some vegetation and some light shade from trees. Habitats include the corners of rice fields, stagnant ditches between rows of coconut palms and earth wells. Adults strongly anthropophagous and bite more indoors than out (Reid 1968).

Medical Importance:
Vector of malaria and filariasis (Reid 1968).