Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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syn. noroestensis Galvao and Lane

1937b:220 (A, M, E*; oswaldoi var.).
Type-loc: Novo Oriente [Pereira Barreto], near Lussanvira, Sao Paulo, Brazil (FH).

Additional References:
Galvao and Damasceno 1942a:125 (to sp. status).
Rozeboom 1942a:240 (E*).
Deane, Causey and Deane 1946:12 (F*), 27 (M*), 43 (L*).
Lane 1953:264 (M*, F, P, L*, E*).
Belkin, Schick and Heinemann 1971:6 (lectotype desig.).