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Subgenus Borichinda Harbach and Rattanarithikul

2007 (as genus). Type species: Borichinda cavernicola Rattanarithikul and Harbach


Important References:
Reinert et al. 2009 (phyl., class.)
Rattanrithikul et al. (L*, F*; keys, bion.; Thailand)
Wilkerson et al. 2015 (phyl., class.; to subg. of genus Aedes)

Abstract.--Borichinda Harbach and Rattanarithikul, n. gen., is introduced as a new mosquito genus of tribe Aedini for a previously unknown cave-dwelling species, Borichinda cavernicola Rattanarithikul and Harbach, n. sp., in Thailand. A diagnosis of the genus is provided that features unique anatomical characters of the adult, pupal, and larval stages of the type species. The affinities of Borichinda and Bc. cavernicola are discussed in terms of their position in the phylogeny of Aedini. The male and female genitalia, pupa, fourth-instar larva, and terminal abdominal segments of the third-instar larva of the new species are illustrated. Sequence data are provided for the second nuclear internal spacer region (ITS2) and a 522-bp fragment of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) gene. Cladistic analysis of morphological data indicates that Borichinda is more closely related to Isoaedes and Ayurakitia than to other genera of tribe Aedini. Salient differences that distinguish these three genera are contrasted.