Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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mediopunctatus (Theobald)

1909:18 (F, Culicada).
Type-loc: Obuasi, Ashanti, Ghana (BM)

Additional References:
Edwards 1941:193 (M*, F).
Haddow, Van Someren, Lumsden, Harper and Gillett 1951:224 (syn. suggested).
White 1975:306 (elev. from syn. with cumminsii).
White 1980:125 (as form, emend. from mediopunctatus).
Ward 1984:233 (mediopunctata Theobald 1909 is a junior hom. of mediopunctatus Theobald 1905. New name needed but not allowed under ICZN rules).
Harbach and Howard 2007: 45 (to ssp status)


Ghana, Nigeria