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sulawesi Waktoedi Koesoemawinangoen

1954:63 (A, as An. (Myzomyia) leucosphyrus var.)
Type-loc: Sulawesi, Toraut, Bone-Dumoga Forest Reserve (0o 35

Additional References:
Colless 1956:66 (F*, as leucosphyrus, Celebes form).
Reid 1968:303 (F*, to sp. status).
Hii, Peyton and Shrang 1988:43 (authorship change).
Sallum, Peyton, Harrison and Wilkerson 2005b: 72 (M*, F*, P*, L*, Neotype desig., corrected type loc.)
Sallum, Foster, Li et al. 2007:30 (phylogeny)


Immatures found in shaded rock pools, stream pools and drying pools along streams (Sallum 2005b).

Medical Importance:
Primary vector of human malaria parasites in Sulawesi (Sallum et al 2005b).