Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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provocans (Walker)

1848:7 (M; as Culex).
Type-loc: Nova Scotia, Canada (BM)

Additional References:
Dyar 1904:(E* as trichurus).
Howard, Dyar and Knab 1917: (E* as trichurus).
Craig 1956: (E* as trichurus).
Mohrig 1967: [F*].
Kalpage and Brust 1968: (E* as trichurus).
Belkin 1968b:6 (lectotype desig.).
Horsfall and Brust 1972: (E* as trichurus).
Wood 1977:77 (from syn. with punctor; M; distr.).
Reinert 2000b 16(1): 42 (from subgen. Ochlerotatus).


Canada, United States; contiguous lower 48

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Medical Importance:
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