Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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normanensis (Taylor)

1915:182 (M, F; as Culex).
Type-loc: Normanton, Queensland, Australia (US)

Additional References:
Marks 1949:18 (M*, F, P*, L*).
Townsend 1990:112 (syntypes, BM).

Australia, New Guinea (Island); Papua New Guinea

Breeds in casual fresh-water pools or swampy areas resulting from heavy rain, fully or partially exposed to the sun, and varying in extent from about 4 sq. ft. to 2 acres. Pools may occur in natural depressions, dry water courses, or man-made excavations, including country road gutters and earth formed street water channels in semi-rural areas. Sides and bottom of pools may be earth, mud or gravel, without vegetation or have marginal grasses only, or grassy bottom, sometimes with weeds and sedges. Edges of pools may be shallow, sloping or steep. Water depth varies from 1 inch to 2 feet, and may be clear, slightly discoloured or muddy, or slightly polluted by animal manures. Larvae may also be found in hoof prints round the margins of such pools. Females readily bite man during the day. (Marks 1949).

Medical Importance:
Vector of Murray Valley Fever and Ross River Virus (Marks 1949).