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latens Sallum and Peyton

In Sallum, Peyton and Wilkerson 2005a: 160 (M, F, P*, L*)
Type-loc: Phangnga, Ban Bang Kaeo, Thailand (USNM)

Additional References:
Sallum, Peyton, Harrison and Wilkerson 2005b: 15 (M, F*, P*, L*)
Rattanarithikul et al. 2006: 1-128 (F*,L*; bionomics, distribution, keys)
Sallum, Foster, Li et al. 2007:30 (phylogeny), , ,
Sinka et al. 2011: 89 (bionomics review, distr., niche model)

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Forest breeding mosquito found in ground pools and stream margins. (Sallum et al 2005a,b)

Medical Importance:
Incriminated as a vector of both human malaria and Bancroftian filarial parasites. (Sallum et al. 2005a,b)