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labranchiae Falleroni

1926:564 (E*; claviger var.).
Type-loc: [Pontine Marshes, Rome, Latium], Italy (LU)

Additional References:
Bates 1940:354 (to sp. status).
Aitken 1953:307 (A, P, L, E; biol.).
White 1979 (tax., rev., keys, distr.)
Linton et al. 2003 (tax., DNA id., rev. of complex; M*, F, P*, L*, E (maculipennis s.s.))
Sinka et al. 2010: 117 (bionomics review, distr., niche model)


Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Iran, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom (includes Guernsey; Jersey; Isle of Man)

Larvae are found in clear, still and sunny habitats containing horizontal vegetation, algae, (Ranunculus, Chara, Myriophyllum, Ceratophyllum or Potamogeton). Habitats include large shallow spring flood pools, slow and stagnant streams, permanent swamps, marshes and rice fields (Aitken 1953). Females readily enter buildings to bite man and cattle (Aitken 1953).

Medical Importance:
Important vector of malaria in region. (Aitken 1953)