Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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Subgenus Nothoskusea Dumbleton

1962: 20 (as subg. of genus Aedes). Type species: Aedes (Nothoskusea) chathamicus Dumbleton


Important References:
Reinert 2000 (to subg. of genus Ochlerotatus)
Reinert 2002: 22 (F*; as subgenus of genus Ochlerotatus)
Reinert et al. 2004 (phyl., class.; to subg. of genus Opifex)
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From Harbach's Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory: The immature stages of Op. chathamicus, the only species of subgenus Nothoskusea, have only been found in saline or brackish water rock pools at or just above high tide mark. Nothing is known about the adults as they have not been encountered in nature and are only known from reared larvae