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bancroftii Giles

1902: 511 (A)
Type-loc: Burpengary, Queensland, Australia (BM)

Additional References:
Lee and Woodhill 1944: 111 (M*,F*,L*,E*)
Bonne-Wepster and Swellengrebel 1953: 214 (M*,F*,L*)
Peters 1962: 164 (P*)
Lee et al. 1988a: 33 (distr.)
Beebe et al. 2013 (Bancroftii Grp.)

Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea (Island); Papua New Guinea

Larvae are found in swamps with abundant aquatic growth and heavy shade. Females readily bite man both inside and outside (King in Boyd 1949).

Medical Importance:
Primary malaria vector (King in Boyd 1949).