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atropos Dyar and Knab

1906b: 160 (F)
Type-loc: Florida Keys, Florida, United States(USNM)

Additional References:
Hinman 1932: 138 (L; biol.)
Penn 1949a: 57 (P*)
Vargas 1950a: 74 (E)
Carpenter and LaCasse 1955: 31 (M*,F*,L*)
Belkin 1968b: 10 (syn.)
Kreutzer, Narang and Kitzmilier 1969: 223 (chromosomes*)
Belkin, Heinemann and Page 1970: 27 (M*,F,P*,L*)
Floore, Harrison and Eldridge 1976: 37 (A,P,L; tax.)
Linley 1992: 40 (E*)


Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, United States; contiguous lower 48

Larvae are found in permanent salt water pools and marshes with salt contents of 1 to 12%. Females bite in broad daylight and at night. Adult are attracted to lights and in some areas females will enter building to bite.

Medical Importance:
This species has transmitted Plasmodium vivax under laboratory conditions but is not thought to be a natural vector of Malaria.