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umbrosus (Theobald)

1903a:87 (F*; Myzorhynchus).
Type-loc: [Pekan], Penhang, [Pahang], Malaya [Malaysia] (BM)

Additional References:
Christophers 1933:162 (M*, F*, P, L*).
Crawford 1938:67 (P*).
Colless 1948:91 (M*, F*, L*; tax.).
Reid 1950:284 (M*, F*, P*, L*).
Bonne-Wepster and Swellengrebel 1953:170 (M*, F*, L*).
Reid 1968:156 (M*, F*, P*, L*, E*). [This name is a homonym by a few weeks of Anopheles funestus var. umbrosus Theobald (=funestus Giles), but as it is contemplated that plenary action will be requested of the International Commission to preserve the name for the widely used umbrosus Theobald of the Oriental Region, this has been preserved here.].
Aslamkhan 1971:147 (distr.)
Harrison and Scanlon 1975:110 (M*, F*, P*, L*).
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Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand