Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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marteri Senevet and Prunnelle

1927:529 (M*, F, L*).
Type-loc: Camp du Marechal, Camp des Chenes, and Hammam Melouane, Algeria (PIA, BM)

Additional References:
Hadjinicolaou 1938:44 (E*).
Aitken 1953:343 (A, P, L, E; biol.).
Senevet and Andarelli 1955a:91 (M*, F*, P*, L*, E; biol.; tax.).
Townsend 1990:101 (type info.).
Glick 1992:129 (distr.).
Hadjivassilis 2000 7: 38 (distr.).
Ramsdale and Snow 2000:6 (distr.).


Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel (and Gaza Strip & West Bank), Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey