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marajoara Galvão & Damasceno

1942b:424 (M, F, L).
Type-loc: Cachoeira do Arari, Brazil (FMSP)

Additional References:
Lane 1953:244 (syn.).
Belkin, Schick and Heinemann 1971:4,46 (type info.; tax.).
Linthicum 1988:198 (from syn. with albitarsis).
Rubio-Palis, Wilkerson and Guzman 2003: 107 (F, M; tax.).
Sinka et al. 2010: 72 (bionomics review, distr., niche model)


Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela

Anopheles marajoara always has been collected in association with vegetation such as green algae, water hyacinth, Ceratophyllum spp. and Salvinia spp., and usually in large bodies of water. Linthicum 1988:114)

Medical Importance:
Anopheles marajoara is a common Central and South American malaria vector (Rubio-Palis et al. 2003)