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malefactor Dyar and Knab

1907c:198 (M, F).
Type-loc: Chagres River, Panama (USNM)

Additional References:
Wilkerson 1990b:235 (from syn. with punctimacula).
Berti et al. 2014: (distr., Venezuela).

Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela

Anopheles malefactor has been collected in habitats similar to those of An. punctimacula. They usually are taken in deep or partial shade, but in two instances the site was in full sunlight. It was found in the following types of water: ground pool, jungle ditch, stream pool, ditch, jungle swamp, along the margin of a slow-moving stream, a jungle pond, swamp interior, and a rock hole. The most common habitats are residual stream pools, stream margins, ground pools, and swamps. The water is usually clear with little aquatic vegetation but with some grass, algae, or floating leaves. Females have been taken biting horses and from human bait. Like An. punctimacula, An. malefactor is found below 303 m in Panama. (Wilkerson 1990:243)

Medical Importance:
Not a malaria vector (pers. comm. Wilkerson 2009)