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georgianus King

1939: 462 (M*,F,P,L*; crucians var.)
Type-loc: Quitman, Brooks Co., Georgia, United States (USNM)

Additional References:
King and Bradley 1941: 65 (to sp. status)
Penn 1949a: 61 (P*)
Bellamy and Repass 1950: 84 (E*)
Carpenter and LaCasse 1955: 41 (M,F,L*)
Floore, Harrison and Eldridge 1976: 40 (M*,F*,P*,L*; tax.)

United States; contiguous lower 48

Larvae of this species prefer small accumulations of water such as animal hoof prints and pitcher plants. Also found in sluggish swamp streams.

Medical Importance: