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earlei Vargas

1943b: 9 (M*)
Type-loc: Jefferson Co., Wisconsin, United States (USNM)

Additional References:
Darsie 1949: 518 (P*)
Penn 1949a: 60 (P*)
Pratt 1952: 484 (P*,L*; tax.)
Rozeboom 1952: 477 (M*,L,E*; biol.; tax.)
Carpenter and LaCasse 1955: 37 (M*,F*,L*)
Kitzmiller and Baker 1965: 275 (chromosomes*)
Saether 1977: [F*].
White 1979 (tax., rev., keys, distr.)

Canada, United States; Alaska, United States; contiguous lower 48

Larvae are found in cold, clear water at the margins ponds and pools containing emergent and floating vegetation. They are also found in woodland pools, bogs, marshes and along sluggish streams. Females are dusk- and early-evening biters and will enter houses to bite.

Medical Importance:
The vector status of this species is unknown.