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calderoni Wilkerson

1991: 25 (M*,F*,P*,L*)
Type-loc: Salitral, Department of Piura, Peru (USNM)

Additional References:
Rubio-Palis and Moreno 2003: 159 (distr., Venezuela)
Gonzalez et al 2010: 1001-1009 (F*,L, DNA; morphometrics, distr., Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Anopheles calderoni has been encountered only at elevations below 250 m. The larvae are found in small streams, small irrigation canals and swamps, mostly in dense emergent vegetation, but especially associated with Typha sp. (cattail). Larvae reared at approximately 21°C developed very slowly and died before reaching the pupal stage. Almost all larvae reared at approximately 26°C. survived to become adults. Development at 26°C was fairly rapid, with all individuals reaching the adult stage by day 9 after eclosion from the egg. (Wilkerson 1991:36)

Medical Importance:
Malaria vector (pers. comm. Wilkerson 2009)