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bradleyi King

1939: 468 (M*,F,P,L*; as crucians var.)
Type-loc: St. Johns River, Brevard Co., Florida, United States (USNM)

Additional References:
King and Bradley 1941: 65 (to sp. status)
Vargas 1941d: 112 (E)
Roth 1944: 99 (M*; tax.)
Penn 1949a: 64 (P*)
Carpenter and LaCasse 1955: 34 (M,F,L*)
Kreutzer and Kitzmiller 1970: 554 (tax.)
Kreutzer and Kitzmiller 1971b: 195 (chromosomes*; tax.)
Floore, Harrison and Eldridge 1976: 30 (M*,F*,P*,L*; tax.)
Beltrán-Aguilar et al. 2011: 643 (M*, F*, P*, L*; tax., keys, distr.)

Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, United States; contiguous lower 48

The larvae are found in brackish pools near the coast. Pools with emergent vegetation are favored.

Medical Importance:
None. However, An. bradleyi have been infected with Plasmodium falciparum under laboratory conditions.