Systematic Catalog of Culicidae

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Subgenus Gymnometopa Coquillett

1905 (1906): 183 (as genus). Type species: Stegomyia mediovittata Coquillett


Important References:
Zavortink 1972: 72 (from syn. with Aedes subg. Finlaya, to subg. of of genus Aedes)
Reinert 2000f: 177 (to subg. of genus Ochlerotatus)
Reinert 2002: 41 (F gen.*)
Reinert et al. 2004: 289 (phyl, class.; to genus)
Reinert et al. 2009 (phyl., class.)
Wilkerson et al. 2015 (phyl., class.; to subg. of genus Aedes)